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Red Sealing Wax Stick

Red Sealing Wax Stick
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Red Sealing Wax Stick The Red Sealing Wax sticks are approximately 10cm in length and you should manage 15-20 seals from each Wax stick (depending on how generous you are). The wax seals are post proof and will NOT break in the post. To create a seal on your invitation or envelope simply light the wick and allow a few drips of wax to fall where you require the seal. About The Red Sealing Wax Stick When you have acheived a sufficient sized blob extinguish the flame and impress the seal into the hot wax - easy. See our hints and tips for more tricks of the trade. WARNING: the wax is hot and you really don't want to drop it on the back of your hand or dip your fingers in it (believe me, I've done it several times and it hurts!!) - so please keep an eye on any children who may be taking an active interest in your new found wax-sealing skills. Red Sealing Wax Stick

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