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Off Road Triple Drive for Two, Was £239, Now £118

Off Road Triple Drive for Two, Was £239, Now £118
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  • Category: Driving
  • Seller: Activity Superstore
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This is a great opportunity for you and your guest to push your driving skills to the limit but with extremely different modes of transport. Sit back and strap yourself in for three exhilarating rides that will challenge you both. You will take part in a three hour event where you’ll drive off road rage buggies, Segways and even a 4 x 4 blindfolded! Using Bocart Off Road Rage buggies you’ll race around the rough circuit reaching speeds of up to 30mph. These buggies are simple to operate with only two pedals, one for acceleration and the other for breaking. If the weather is wet and muddy, not to fear as these buggies are great fun in all weather conditions! The Segways will test your balance as you learn to master going forwards, backwards and round bends in the training paddock. Taught by your expert you will learn how to control them before hitting the off road circuit where you will be faced with bumps and obstacles that will really show you what these vehicles can do. Finally the 4 x 4 drive is a real test of communication between the driver and the navigator as you manoeuvre this vehicle around a designated course completely blindfolded, with only the help of your passenger to guide you around the course, telling you when to break and accelerate! This will certainly get your heart pumping in a drive you will never forget! Upon arrival you will be greeted by your expert driving instructors where you will then be put into one of three groups with the other participants on the day. You will then rotate around the three different challenges spending 1 hour with each vehicle. You will receive full tuition and all the necessary equipment for your multi drive.

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