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Helicopter Thrill for One

Helicopter Thrill for One
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Nothing else comes close to touching the magic of vertical flight, from the moment you lift into the air to the second the helicopter settles gracefully back on the ground it is an unforgettable experience. Take your seat as the pilot climbs gracefully to over 1,000 feet and accelerates to over 120 miles an hour. You will interact with the pilot via the headset (don 't forget to listen out for air traffic on the radio!), swooping over the landscape and then settling gently back on the ground. Location: Quainton, Buckinghamshire; Bournemouth, Dorset; Cotswold Airport, Gloucestershire; Coventry, West Midlands; Cranfield, Bedfordshire; Denham, Middlesex; Edinburgh (Kirkliston); Exeter (Dunkeswell); Glasgow (Inchinnin); Gloucester, Gloucestershire; Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Nottingham; Peak District, Derbyshire; Perth, Perthshire; Preston, Lancashire; Redhill, Surrey; St Ives, Cornwall; Upminster, Essex; Wolverhampton, West Midlands; York (Breighton)

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