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Blobimals Greetings earthlings! Welcome to Blobimals, a marvellously new monster race which is wonderfully created by you! There are millions of these crazy characters in every pot just waiting to escape! Blobimals come with everything you need to create your very own monsters. This awesome alien race is available in red, blue and green, each of which come with different monster parts. Inside each tub you will find some special space putty, some plastic arms, some spiky bits, a few eyes and a mouth. This just leaves you to provide the imagination! This fascinating non-toxic silicon based putty is quite solid and shiny to start with, but as soon as you start squishing it in your hands it soon becomes superbly soft and garishly glossy too! Using as many of the body parts as you like you can create your own scary monsters or adorably cute aliens as many times as you want! Simply shape your character, and if you're not happy with it, just squish it together and start again! But the fun doesn’t end there as Blobimals are even more gruesomely entertaining to play with. Not only can you mould them, you can also stretch them, bounce them and watch them melt too! This is because Blobimals originally come from the planet Gloopiter, which has an unstable atmosphere which causes spontaneous melting in all native life forms. This means that once you have created your very own little monster here on earth, you can sit it on the side somewhere, say on a kitchen table (don’t tell your parents we suggested that!) and then watch it slowly dissolve into a pool of glorious putty gloop! (Just remember to place the putty back into plastic container when not in use). You can create a different Blobimal monster every minute. These amazing Blobimals make terrific gifts for children and will keep them entertained for light-years! Blobimals Blobimals allow you to make millions of different monsters, time and time again! Come supplied in their own tubs, which contain malleable putty and monster parts Putty is silicon based and non toxic Blobimals come in either Red, Blue or Green If you have a preference, please enter it into the box above. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfil your request, but we will try our best! Blobimal pot measures approximately diameter 8.5cm x height 7cm Blobimal putty is fairly solid to start with, but becomes softer the more your shape it Leave your Blobimal monster on the side and watch it dissolve into a pool of putty gloop! Replace putty in plastic container, otherwise it may run away! Blobimals are magnificent pots of ‘make your own’ monster fun! What's in the Blobimals Pot? Silicon based putty Monster parts Why You Should Buy From Us! 30 day money-back guarantee Low-price guarantee Loyalty points discount off future orders Huge range of unique gift ideas for all occasions Excellent customer service Next day delivery available Blobimals

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