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Aqua iPad Case - Waterproof Cover

Aqua iPad Case - Waterproof Cover
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Aqua iPad Case - Waterproof Cover Your ipad is like a book about glue, you just can't put it down. But gadgets such as iPhones and Ipods are famous for their aversion to the rain. They said technology like ebooks would render paper books and magazines obsolete, but what if you want to read in the bath or play your new apps by the pool? The Aqua iPad cover enables you to use your super gadget all the time, come rain or shine. Did you think travel accessories for iPad only went as far as foreign charger adapters? Think again! Our ipad2 cases are worlds apart from all the other ipad covers in that they allow you to use your device underwater! These iPad cases feature a touch sensitive Perspex skin and a durable rubber seal. This allows for full functionality of your ipad for underwater pool photography, splashy video footage at the beach, even sub aqua gaming! Key Product Features: Keep your Ipad clean and dry , Waterproof upto 1 metre depth , Coolest travel gifts for men , Compatible with iPad and iPad2 , Boxed weight: 635 grams ,

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